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Personalized Private & Group Dance Lessons

Move confidently on the dance floor with private and group dance lessons from our instructors in Pinellas Park, Florida. Bayou Dance Club helps build your skill and poise so that you look like a professional whenever you dance.

Complete Dance Services

Treat yourself to a fun and exciting experience by signing up for dance classes at our studio. Instruction is provided for children, couples, and singles of all ages. To help our students show off their best moves, we have in-house showcases and go to competitions outside of the studio. Even if you’ve never danced, we teach you everything necessary to look great on the dance floor.

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Group Classes

Learn partner dancing and various step patterns that introduce you to a fascinating social experience. As you rotate partners throughout the class, you have the opportunity to practice your steps with a number of different people, which helps to acquaint you with your classmates.

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Improve your dance skills with private lessons from Bayou Dance Club. Personalized instruction focuses on partner dancing, so we teach you the proper way to hold yourself and to relate to your partner. Because of the specific nature of private lessons, you progress more quickly as a dancer and you become more confident.

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Does the idea of performing the first dance at your wedding scare you?
Relax, because we are here to be able to help you with every step. If you do not have a special song: We can help you to find “your song” and teach you a dance that is only yours. Mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, and even the entire wedding party. If you give us your bridal party, we will customize and create the dance that you will never forget.

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Personalized Private & Group Dance Lessons

Move confidently on the dance floor with private and group dance lessons from our instructors in Pinellas Park, Florida.
Bayou Dance Club helps build your skill and poise so that you look like a professional whenever you dance.

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Reviews & Testimonials

See what others have to say about us!

  • Best place in the county to learn to dance!

    AJO Presents Avatar
    AJO P.

    Mario and Letizia run a wonderful ballroom dance club.
    I've been enjoying dance lessons for a while now at Bayou Dance Club.
    My instructor is Nora and she is awesome to work...
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    corey colaciello Avatar
    corey c.

    Excellent teachers, friendly students and a wonderful place to learn to dance!!!!!
    Bryan Coberg
    Franchisee Arthur Murray Lakewood Ranch Florida.

    Bryan Marshall Avatar
    Bryan M.

    Bayou dance club is so fantastic. In these Covid times bayou has kept my spirits and my dance up and thriving. I’ve been enjoying private zoom lessons 2x a week... read more

    meredith harris Avatar
    meredith h.
  • Bayou Dance Club is a great place for social dancing, group and private lessons and they have many performance opportunities for students. I enjoy the fact that all types of... read more

    Susan Van Ness Avatar
    Susan V.

    Top instructors, quality social events, internal and external competition if you desire, opportunity for national coaching and the atmosphere of doesn’t get better than Bayou!!!

    Angé Peterson Avatar
    Angé P.

    5 star ratingMy husband and I wanted to be able to waltz at our wedding in June. We were paired with Nicolas and enjoyed every moment. In less than six weeks, we... read more

    Deirdre D. Avatar
    Deirdre D.

    5 star ratingIf you want to learn how to dance, this is - hands down, THE PLACE!!! Mario was recommended to me by a competitive dancer telling me he's the best.... read more

    Merry A. Avatar
    Merry A.
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