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Cha Cha

A fun and cheeky dance with emphasis on quick, concise foot and leg movements.


This dance has a sensual character and is meant to emphasize hip and body movements.

Swing (East Coast)

This dance has a very energetic feel to it with lots of turns and spins for both partners.


The Bolero is the slowest of the Rhythm dances and has a very graceful way of moving with rise and fall and lots of shaping.


A fast ballroom dance of Caribbean origin, rhythmically similar to the rumba and cha-cha but having a more complex pattern of steps.

Paso Doble

This dance is very dramatic with lots of character and shaping – the man and woman constantly challenge one another.


This is a quick and fast paced dance with lots of kicks, energy and personality.

West Coast Swing

This Swing dance is derived from Lindy Hop and has a sleek style that is achieved by “elastic connection” between the partners, allowing them to work off one another and improvise.


One of the easiest and funnest dances to learn. The Merengue music has very strong beats that tells the dancers to switch weight from foot to foot to that beat.


One of the hottest Latin dances with lots of underarm turns, hip action, and styling.


The Bachata has lots hip action and body movement that emphasizes the sensual Latin dance music.


It is a fast, upbeat dance that has many similarities to the swing dancing of the 1930s and 1940s


This partner dance mimics the Brazilian “Carnival” feeling and there is lots of “bounce” action created through knees and ankles.

Argentine Tango

This is an improvised, spontaneous dance, which is based on variations of walking, turning, pausing and adornments.


A ballroom dance, in moderately fast triple meter, in which the dancers revolve in perpetual circles, taking one step to each beat.


This dance is very dramatic with lots of sharp movements and mostly danced with bent knees the entire time.


The foxtrot is a smooth, progressive dance characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor.

Viennese Waltz

A quicker waltz that incorporates continuous turning around the floor.


The quickstep is a light-hearted member of the standard ballroom dances. The movement of the dance is fast and powerfully flowing.

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